AIFC Jurisdictional Services

I am pleased to introduce you to the AIFC jurisdiction services from Benefits & Partners

We are an ambitious team of professionals who specialize in providing legal services in the International Financial Center Astana. We know how difficult it is to make sense of the numerous legal acts and regulations that govern the activities of AIFC, so we are ready to provide you with professional assistance.

We offer a wide range of legal services related to the activities in the territory and jurisdiction of AIFC, including:

– Advice on the legal regulation of companies registered in AIFC;

– Representation in court, international commercial arbitration at AIFC on any commercial disputes.

– Drafting and analyzing relevant documents and contracts;

– Assisting with licenses and permits for activities at AIFC.

One of our strengths is our team. We pride ourselves on our lawyers’ excellent knowledge of AIFC law, as well as their training at the world’s best universities. We constantly improve our competence and keep abreast of changes in the legislation, so that we are always up-to-date with the latest innovations.


  • Registration of a company in the AIFC jurisdiction.
  • Representation of interests in the International Arbitration Center Astana at AIFC.
  • Representation of interests in court AIFC
  • Structuring deals under AIFC law.
  • Contract law and company law under AIFC law. Special Purpose Companies. Registration at the Astana Hub Post-registration services, re-registration

If you need assistance in the AIFC jurisdiction, you can fully rely on us. We are ready to provide you with our professional services and guarantee full confidentiality and security of your data. Contact us and receive legal support at the highest level!