Registration of companies in the jurisdiction of the International Financial Center “Astana” – full legal support from professionals

AIFC is a unique project, where participants are provided with various preferences, including favorable tax and easier visa regime. A special legal regime operates on the territory of AIFC, which operates on the basis of English law.

Benefits & Partners

provides the following services:

  • Регистрация частных компаний, SPC, согласно требованиям МФЦА Получение лицензии на ведение деятельности согласно требованиям AFSA Регистрация в Astana Hub Пострегистрационные услуги для резидентов МФЦА
  • Development of necessary procedures and policies required for registration of a legal entity on the territory of AIFC
  • Due Diligence of founders, top managers and affiliated companies at AFSA's request
  • Legal opinion on the redomiciliation of companies in the MFCA jurisdiction
  • Representation at the International Arbitration Center at the International Financial Center Astana
  • Representation at the International Court of Justice of AIFC in English
  • Full accounting and tax support for private companies in accordance with international standards and AIFC regulations
  • Providing a legal address on the territory of AIFC

Benefits & Partners law firm resolves issues promptly and in good faith.
Thanks to the experience gained and the high level of professionalism of our employees!

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